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What People Are Saying About Jo…

Christine Gallagher, She's Got Clients“Jo Colontonio is one smart cookie. She’s got over 20 years of experience as a business owner, yes. But what really makes her shine is her willingness to take risks and dive into completely new areas of entrepreneurship with enthusiasm and gusto. Not only does she dive in, she excels. She forges ahead where others would shrink back in fear. This makes her a resilient, encouraging and savvy coach who’ll walk you every step of the way towards creating a business that you love (with heart and hustle of course.)
She’s also an amazing connector who freely and generously shares resources and referrals and when you need them most.
I recommend Jo when you are looking for a coach that can give you solid strategy, push you to achieve, and do it all with a dash of fun. You want her in your corner for sure.”spacer

~ Christine Gallagher, Relationship Marketing Mentor

Megan Schapp“Jo’s a passionate powerhouse of information on everything that pertains to running and marketing your business. She brings her knowledge, intuition, unlimited resources, and then helps you magically articulate your ideas into a customized plan that’s perfect for you. Although I have a Masters Degree in Education, I had no marketing or business experience. As an educator and life-long learner, I was spending a great deal of time trying to collect every bit of information that I could to learn the how to’s of marketing and growing my business. I was trying really hard and felt like I wasn’t making any progress. As I transitioned to a new career, I just didn’t know what to do to build my business. Jo’s expertise made creating my brand and business easy and fun. With Jo’s guidance, I gained not only clarity and confidence in my new venture, but an easy to implement marketing plan.”spacer

~ Megan Gugino Schapp, MA, CEC, Life Coach,
Everything on Purpose

Michele Helman“Jo Colontonio is a gifted coach! She is intuitive, kind, caring & understanding but won’t let you get away with excuses …..she’ll make sure to get to the bottom of your challenge, evoke transformation, take action, hold you accountable & achieve satisfying results. I highly recommend you work with Jo Colontonio if you want to move forward to your top.”spacer

~ Michele Helman, CPCC, ACC Certified Professional Life Coach 

Deb Berman“You were a masterful coach this evening.  Listening to your compassion and humor and guidance and intuition was a tremendous learning experience for all of us.”

~ Deb Berman, Learning Facilitator, Executive Coach, and Master Trainer,
Deborah S. Berman Consulting

Barb Bene“Upon getting back into the work force nine years ago, I had the privilege of working side by side with Jo Colontonio. I would soon find out that she was exactly what I needed, just coming out of long time marriage. I went from a fearful, non-confident woman, to one who could speak out at networking events in front of many seasoned business women. With the help of Jo, I was ‘building a business’.

Jo’s skills helped build amazing confidence in me. She is a positive force to be reckoned with. The passion, the drive, the brilliant mind all make up Jo Colontonio. Every business person needs Jo. In my case, she was my ‘Transition Expert’. As I embark on the next transition in my life of a Wellness business, I know I will have Jo right by my side.”

 ~ Barbara Bene

Bonny Clayton“I was experiencing some issues that had me stuck in my small business.  So I jumped on the Cup of Jo hotline. In a brief amount of time, Jo was able to drill down to the heart of the real issues that had me stuck.  With her no-nonsense yet  compassionate approach, she was able to help me get unstuck and really move forward in my business.  I would recommend her services to any entrepreneur or executive looking to move beyond whatever might be holding them back from their greatest success.”

~ Bonny Clayton, Your Web Chick

Lynn Bardowski“Jo Colontonio hustles with heart! Not only is Jo a marketing and leadership expert, she’s a genius at helping entrepreneurs get unstuck. Working with Jo is like getting advice from a team of biz experts, who happen to be your best girlfriends. She keeps it real, while holding you accountable to take action and move your business to the next level. Ignite is the perfect word to describe her power-packed coaching! I highly recommend you jump start your biz mojo with a cup of Jo.”

~ Lynn Bardowski, Million Dollar Party Girl

Jo is helping women to create their own success stories!  She has been selected to serve on a panel of only 8 experts for the 2014 membership of Interconnections for Women.


Member of IFW Panel of Experts

Ruth Scott Testimonial

~ Ruth Levitt Scott, CEO of Cupcake Love
Cupcakes By Ruth







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