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Thank you for requesting my 5 Steps to Kick Start Your Marketing

…I’m so glad you found me and my little spot on earth with fairy dust galore!


Now that you’re all confirmed, you are ready to get started with my 5 Steps to Kick Start Your Marketing, Get Clients, and Get Profitable Results NOW!


You’ll get Day 1 of your eCourse soon where I’ll talk about the Big Picture.  Note: You’ll want to make sure you add emails from me (jo@igniteyourbusinessnow.com) to your safe senders list so that they don’t end up in your junk mail folder!


But to get you started right away, let’s talk a bit about marketing.


What Is Marketing?

Businesses spend a great deal of money on marketing.  Individuals get degrees from colleges and graduate schools, some take workshops and classes, and others purchase seminar programs and train for certifications.  Some businesses pay other people to do the marketing for them, and other businesses do it themselves.


Over the past twenty years, I’ve done a lot of some and a little of others…and still do!  I can tell you that the secret to the success formula is laying the proper foundation and implementing simple, effective, proven marketing strategies.  And then…. Just doing them!


star_no_boxWhen you get right down to it, marketing is simply telling people what you do over and over again… and then again and again. It’s dusting the world with your unique brand of fairy dust.


Simple, right?  You’ve probably heard it before…


question_markSo why aren’t you doing it? Or perhaps the bigger question is why is what you’re doing just not working?


Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed that you just don’t know where to begin.  It also can be challenging to know exactly how to put the pieces together when there are a lot of options and moving parts.  And then, with all the juggling and to do lists, it can be difficult to stay motivated through the process.


At its core, relationship marketing is communicating.  It’s sharing yourself, your products, and your services with your market over and over again…and then again and again.


The good news is there are many ways to do it: One-on-one, within a group, speaking to an audience, writing, the web, social media, advertising, by phone… you get to create your mix of strategies.


These strategies share your marketing communications in the marketplace, with your clients, potential clients, target market, referral partners, and other professionals.


star_no_boxOver time, these conversations create, establish and become relationships. That’s where you sprinkle your fairy dust and share your magic, authentically and consistently… and then again and again.


In today’s marketplace, successful businesses are built on relationships.


So…. remember the formula:



If you’re in a professional service-based business, you may offer programs and products based on your services as well. You may be a small business owner with employees or a solopreneur.  Maybe you’re an independent contractor or an executive, where sales/marketing and your performance are directly related to your income. In all of these scenarios, you put out an entrepreneurial effort to grow your income.


You have passion and desire, and you like to search out new information and learn new things.  You’re an explorer.  You’re a multi-tasker.  You’re amazing!  But… you can sometimes fall short on the clarity and follow through…. There’s just so much you want and love to do!


(Believe me, I know!  I’ve been there!)


So where do you begin?  How do you put all the pieces together to accomplish your goals? How do you stay on track and stay motivated along the way? How do you just get unstuck and play big in a huge way?


 “The way we do anything is the way we do everything, unless change happens.”  ~  Jo Colontonio and Megan Schapp


Change is about to happen. This report and eCourse is going to break marketing communications down into 5 simple steps so that you can Kick Start Your Marketing, Get Clients, and Get Profitable Results Now!


Each day, I’ll send you a bit of my fairy dust. With each step of this eCourse, you’ll get valuable information, kick-start tips, stretch tips, resources, and – at the end – a workbook for you to use over and over as you continue to ignite your business!


Go check your email inbox right now for Day 1 : The Big Picture. And let’s get started!


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