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Experienced Business Owner

bullet Are you ready to get more ideal, high-level clients?

bullet Are you ready for growth and the next level, but not sure how to make it happen?

bullet Do you have ideas for designing awesome products and programs?

bullet Do you want to create customized, cutting-edge marketing strategies and systems that will leverage your business and increase your bottom line?


You find yourself…

…Happy because you’re growing steadily and making money; however, you really want to take it to the next level.  You may still be fine-tuning your niche, your marketing communications, and the way you run your business.

It’s time to stop trading dollars for hours and learn how to package your knowledge, design programs, and share your gifts and expertise with more people.

You understand that implementing multiple marketing strategies both off and online are essential to growing your business.

But all of the moving parts are becoming more challenging to juggle, which is normal as your business evolves.  You know you need to take a close look, dig deep inside for what you really want, set some goals for growth, and refine what you’re doing to maximize the impact in your market.

So let’s go…. just get unstuck and do it.  But you don’t have to do it alone.

Enrolling in a coaching/consulting program and working with a mentor who’s been there to teach you the short cuts and help you achieve your goals faster would be very helpful at this time in your business. Smart business owners leverage their own gifts as well as bring on coaches and mentors with their own gifts to be leveraged.

In my experience building my own successful businesses and helping others do the same, here’s what you need…

  • To feel more empowered and build more confidence to play big
  • Really define and know your market
  • Design creative multiple and more effective marketing strategies that build your brand within your market
  • More clients, more referrals, and a large quality list
  • Increase your rates and make more money
  • Business and marketing systems for efficiency and profitability
  • Balance and support to make it all easier and help you achieve your goals
  • Tear down whatever walls holding you back from getting your business to the level of success that you deserve.

Specific things you need to focus on….

  • Define what separates you from the competition and position your expertise and your brand
  • Prioritize your schedule
  • Systematize your work and efficiency
  • Evaluate your website and maximize its look and sales potential
  • Clarify your communication strategies to attract the type of clients and businesses you want and love to work with.
  • Build relationships with peers and referral partners
  • Step up your marketing, networking, and closing-the-sale strategies
  • Increase the number of clients in your sales funnel
  • Ignite your personal brand and your business with speaking engagements, networking, blogging, and keep-in-touch strategies. 

Are you ready Ignite Your Business and take it to the next level? Ready to master your mindset and implement marketing strategies to capture more market share? Create systems to streamline and leverage your business and increase your profits?

Great! You’re in the right place!

I have several service and program offerings to help you out. We can co-create and custom-design a program that meets your needs specifically.

One-on-One Private Coaching

An intense 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month private program where we work one-on-one together to break through whatever is holding you back, and then to design and create your ideal business and lifestyle.  Being extraordinary in business takes marketing that’s more than just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. It takes soul searching, real passion and clarity, understanding your goals, creating the right plan with self-correction, and implementing it to achieve your business goals.

Private coaching takes you where you need to go…to get you where you where you want to be.

Group Coaching

Choose either a 6-month or 12-month small group coaching program with solopreneurs and small business owners with ambition to get out there and ignite their business now!

This is ideal when you want the support of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand where you are and where you want to be.

Ignite VIP Days

Half or Full-Day In-person or Virtual (your choice) Coaching Session

Just you and me, one-on-one.  You will leave with clarity, an action plan, and a push (love shove) that will inspire you to accomplish your objectives. Design your customized VIP Day yourself or choose from one of my special Focus Sessions (Build Your Foundation, What’s Stopping You…Just Get Unstuck, From Overwhelm To Organized, and more).

A decision to coach or to engage in a VIP Day doesn’t come lightly.

Let’s schedule a Get-Acquainted Session to see where you are in business, where you want to take it, and how I can help you.  Just fill out the form below so I can get a little more information about you and your business, and I’ll be in touch to get us scheduled!

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