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Ready To Lead Your Business To Success?

 You’re In The Right Place!


Calling All Entrepreneurs
Who Are Ready To
Ignite Their Businesses – Now!

  • Are you struggling because you can’t seem to attract enough clients who actually want to work with you?
  • Do you love what you do, but you’re overwhelmed and stressed out over marketing and sales that aren’t getting the results you want?
  • Are you feeling stuck because you are committed to your business, but can’t seem to generate consistent income or get that income where you need it to be?
  • Are you looking for a coach and consultant who is dedicated to teaching you the step-by-step how-to in order to attract more clients and make more money using authentic marketing, branding, and networking?

If you can relate to the questions above, you’re not alone…you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, you’re exactly where you are supposed to be…You just need to trust the process…a hard task, I know!

I’m Jo Colontonio, a Branding, Relationship Marketing and Business Growth Strategist. I’m a Business Builder…that builds entrepreneurs and their companies from the inside out…with a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of hustle!

I’m unique in that I’m a Hybrid Business Coach (combining smart business know-how with intuition, creativity, high energy performance and tactical execution) that’s got two decades of successful business experience. I’m devoted to helping you, the entrepreneur, grow your business with value-based, creative, and cutting-edge marketing strategies that are proven to get big results: more clients, authentic communication, more sales, increased profits, and a freedom-based business that you love.

Just imagine… getting from where you are NOW to EXACTLY WHERE you want to be in your business and your life.

Imagine…designing a fresh, creative marketing and business platform uniquely customized to you…

Imagine…getting the steps, the processes and systems, the strategies, the guidance, and all the support you need to have more clients, more profits, more free time and more fun.

Imagine…being seen as an expert, a powerful leader in your field with new clients lining up that want you to work with them and raving fans who forever and endlessly refer you to their peers.

This is not a fairytale. In fact, it’s a new reality for entrepreneurs all over the world who want to take their passion and leverage it to build the business of their dreams.

Unfortunately, many business owners who really want to share their passion and gifts and help as many people as they can are struggling. They’re not making enough money or attracting enough clients. They’re using marketing and sales techniques that make them feel inauthentic and uncomfortable. They are overwhelmed, trying to learn the “new” (techie) business game, working themselves to exhaustion, and just end up just feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next.

If you’ve been experiencing this, you’re not the only one…and it’s okay.

Passionate entrepreneurs are often trying their hardest, but they haven’t really been shown how to market themselves and their services effectively to get the results that they want.

You haven’t been taught the tools, strategies, and systems to get where you want to go. You’re feeling overwhelmed, because most likely you have too much information and a lot of moving parts that are challenging to get into place and into a cohesive system.


Megan Schapp“Jo’s a passionate powerhouse of information on everything that pertains to running and marketing your business. She brings her knowledge, intuition, unlimited resources, and then helps you magically articulate your ideas into a customized plan that’s perfect for you. Although I have a Masters Degree in Education, I had no marketing or business experience. As an educator and life-long learner, I was spending a great deal of time trying to collect every bit of information that I could to learn the how to’s of marketing and growing my business. I was trying really hard and felt like I wasn’t making any progress. As I transitioned to a new career, I just didn’t know what to do to build my business. Jo’s expertise made creating my brand and business easy and fun. With Jo’s guidance, I gained not only clarity and confidence in my new venture, but an easy to implement marketing plan.”

~ Megan Gugino Schapp, MA, CEC, Life Coach, Everything on Purpose


I have to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way…

You can share your passion and gifts with more people, make more money, have the successful business that you’ve always desired, and live your life the way that you’ve always wanted.

I invite you to discover how you can breakthrough what’s holding you back, gain more confidence, and have a successful, profitable business and a happy, fulfilled life by learning more about my services, programs and events here.

I want to help you ignite yourself, your business and the world, and play big in a huge way!.

Let’s set your brand on fire and ignite your business now!





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